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Asun Aguilera

Although Spanish by birth and at heart, I was born and raised as a jeweller in London, where I was living at the time, in the early 90´s. London was a pulsating, colourful metropolis, the perfect place to develop my creativity.

For over 5 years I studied different jewellery techniques and design, first at Kingsway College and then at London Guildhall University – present London Metropolitan University – where I attended a BTEC HND in Jewellery Design, followed by Extended Studies in Jewellery, completing my formation as a designer and as a jeweller.

I live in Asturias, Spain, a beautiful and, still, wild land – green as hope. I love losing myself around its mountains. Nature, in capital letters, is ever present in my life as it is in my work; it is a perpetual ingredient within my creative universe.

My jewellery contains elements of different nature as it is a true reflection of my personal emotions, experiences and beliefs. Some pieces are, consciously, designed to highlight beauty, giving light, colour, harmony, joy or even glamour. Other pieces show my beliefs, they are real statements that tell my concern with global issues. Some are light hearted humor expressions, while others show deep feelings and emotions. Some designs are pure architectural approaches conceived for sheer pleasure of construction. I also love and use symbolism.

Although I understand we all are a product of our times, I consider my work timeless. I have a traditional concept about my jewellery: precious pieces that have been constructed to pass the test of time, to be cared for, cherished and passed from parents to children.